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Video production has three main components.

  1. pre-production – This beginning stage is all about laying the groundwork for a successful video production. During the pre-production phase, the entire project is developed, from the initial concept to the script, storyboard, and planning.
  2. Production – This is where the filming happens. It involves capturing video footage, recording audio, and getting other necessary elements.
  3. Post-Production – This is the final stage of the video production process. After capturing the footage, the video is edited, and special effects, graphics, music, and sound effects are added while simultaneously fine-tuning the visuals and audio elements. Once we’ve created the rough cut or first pass of the video, we’ll send it to you for feedback. Once the video is completed, it goes through a review process where feedback is collected and any necessary adjustments are made. When you are fully content with the video, it is prepared for release on various platforms such as television, social media, or websites.

Every video is entirely unique so how long it takes to produce a video can change drastically. Typically, it takes about 2 weeks to finish a video production from beginning to end, but the duration can vary significantly.

The cost of video production can vary widely and is strongly dependent upon the requirements of your specific video. Generally, time and complexity are the main components of determining costs. We have to look at the entire video production holistically. This includes its length, concept, number of locations, equipment necessary, crew and talent requirements, video editing, special effects, and audio mixing. Due to the individuality of each video, the requirements will always change.

Both! Unfortunately, we can’t change the costs associated with video productions, but we can scale to fit your individual production. If your video production doesn’t require much, it’ll have a lower cost. However, the more required the more expense. If you have a firm budget, we’d take a look and see how we can best help you. We may not need it all or we’ll give you direction on what is possible within your budget.

Edge of Story Films is a full-service video production company. We take care of every aspect of the process so that our clients can focus on their other priorities. We understand how busy our clients can be, which is why we provide all services in-house.