Animated Explainer Videos

Edge of Story Films is your trusted partner for creating appealing animated explainer videos. We deliver visually stunning and explanatory animations that simplify complex concepts and leave a lasting impression.

Why you need Animated
Explainer Videos:

With the average attention span dropping by the day, capturing and retaining audience attention is crucial. Animated explainer videos offer an engaging way to communicate your message effectively. With vibrant visuals and compelling storytelling, these videos simplify complex information, making it easy for your audience to understand and connect with your brand.


Our Approach to Animated Explainer Videos:

As with every video we always start with strategic planning.  Our team of storytellers works closely with you to understand your audience and distinctive selling points. Through creativity, we bring your ideas to life in a visually gripping manner.

Animated Explainer Video Services:


We’ll work very closely with you to understand your goals and objectives. From that point, we develop a concept that effectively communicates your message.


After a deep dive into understanding your business, our scriptwriters will craft a concise, impactful script that effectively communicates your message. The script will align with your brand voice and resonate with your target audience.

Visual Storytelling:

Our animators will transform your script into a graphical masterpiece. Through branded vibrant colors and smooth animations, we captivate your audience and hold their attention throughout the video.

Professional Voiceover:

The video represents your brand so having a professional voiceover is essential. It adds a human touch to your animated explainer video. We’ll help you select the right voice talent that matches your identity and complements the visuals.

Sound Design and Music:

Animated explainer videos are a multisensory experience for your audience. Our sound designers will add crafted sound effects and background music that enhances and amplifies the impact of your animated explainer video.

Why Choose Us for your Animated
Explainer Video:

The Animation Experts:

Our skilled animators have years of experience in creating visually striking animations. We keep up with the latest trends to be sure your explainer videos are modern and engaging.


Creative Storytelling:

We’re called Edge of Story Films for a reason! Storytelling is what we do and animation is an excellent medium for it.



Every business has a unique identity so we offer customizable solutions to meet your particular needs. We hand-tailor our approach to match your brand and capture your concept.

 Ready to captivate your audience with animated explainer videos? Reach out today to discuss your project and let us tell your story.