Looking to ramp up traffic on your website? Perhaps you’re attempting to achieve higher conversion rates once the potential client has landed on your URL. Whatever the reason, your website plays a critical role in the success of your business. Ultimately, you have to decide the best approach for landing that big client. Ok, so let’s get to it. It’s text versus video. Not exactly an age-old question, but one that has been coming up time and time again. As a video production company, it’s probably not a surprise to hear that we’re a little biased toward video. Thankfully, our opinions are based on statistics and the stats don’t lie! Full disclosure… there are an awful lot of facts and figures! For the sake of time and for the fact that you may not have even read this far down (See what we did there?) we’re going to focus on two main points.

Sharing is caring!

  1. Sharing – 92% of mobile video viewers share video with others! (WordStream) Wow! Admittedly that sounds like a pretty inflated number, but in fact it’s true! Not only should your website be optimized for mobile, but considering the number of mobile users it’s become paramount. Mobile users certainly share video and it’s not only on video hosting sites either. The majority of the sharing may come from social platforms and while it’s important to have your video shared on those sites, think about the impact of having your video shared via a link to your website. Video is an incredibly engaging medium that has the ability to inform, entertain and truly elicit a response. If prospective clients are emotionally moved by your website’s video then not only is the likelihood of conversion high, but chances are they are sharing that content. More shares equal more traffic. More traffic equals more conversions or at least the possibility of conversions. They say sharing is caring, but in this scenario…sharing could mean dollars.

Is your website being found online?

  1. SEO – Companies using video enjoy 41% more web traffic from search than non-users.(Small Business Trends) In other words, if you want potential clients to find you…add video! The content discovered through search engines is quite vast, so in order to be seen your business needs an increase in page rank. Search engines are always looking for fresh content and content that’s quality. Video shows that quality. Currently, the top result on a Google search has a chance of getting clicked about 33% of the time. (Search Engine People Inc.) When nearly 1/3rd of clicks are going to the top result, it shows the importance of getting your listing higher. Video is proving to be a major component in doing just that.

    Video is truly a game changer, but don’t get us wrong we still love text! We did just write a blog post, right? There’s no question text still has its relevancy and is clearly something you need on your website. However, what site doesn’t have text? When nearly every website has a written word, you need something as a differentiator. According to the stats, it’s arguably video! Does that make video the winner in this battle of the digital age? We’ll let you make your own conclusions on this one. What we do know is that businesses certainly still need text, but ultimately they need video just as much. Looking to add video to your website? Give us a call! (781)-486-3565

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