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Video...the game

In digital marketing today, video is the name of the game. It’s the king of content and moves the needle toward your organization’s objectives. You’re probably not surprised to hear that from a video production company, but we’re big fans of data, and the numbers don’t lie. Sure, we could post dozens of articles with the latest metrics, but didn't we just say video is the name of the game? What better way to show you the importance of video marketing, then with video. Here at EOSF, we love 80's arcade games, so we thought it would be fun to create an original animated short film about the power of video and the importance of having a video expert on your side. So, do you need video? Check out the video below to find out why we think you do.

Animation and artwork created by: Edge of Story Films

Music by: Elisabeth Jetter

Sound effects by: Juhani Junkala 

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